.NET Config File Wrapper
.NET System Information Class Demo
1-click Customization of Controls
1-click Customization of Controls v2
A Class for System, Logical Drivers, Memory, Display Drivers, etc.
A VB.NET XML Retrieval Class
auto complete combobox control
Class for Automatic Rich Text Box Coloring and Formatting (VB.NET)
Convert Numbers to Words with VB.NET
Creates a Drop Shadow For a Form
Crystal Reports Push Model Conversion Utility (.NET)
Database Login Manager Class (VB.NET)
Detect Previous Process Instances Using a Mutex, Optional in User Context
File System Watcher Class Demo (VB.NET)
FileSystemInfoSorter Class with Demo (VB.NET)
Get IP Address by parsing website
Get System Information Using WMI in VB.NET
Get System Up Time (VB.NET)
How To: Write, Modify, Remove, Read Application Settings From Configuration File
Icon Class (VB.NET)
Implement VB5/6 Style Control Arrays In VB.NET
Inheritance in Visual Basic.NET: Demonstration
ini replacement to xml format
Linear Regression and Standard Deviation
Logging Class For Visual Basic.NET
Print To a Picturebox with VB.NET
Quickly Convert DataSets/DataTables To AText File
Resolve Host Names/IP Addresses (VB.NET)
Save Time and Effort by Overloading Operators.
SmartSQL Class -- Automates Generation of SQL Statements (VB.NET Version)
SQL and Access Wrapper Classes (VB.NET)
SQL Cache Dependency
Using Context Menus for handling Shortcuts Keys
Validate Bank Routing Numbers (VB.NET)
Validate Credit Card Numbers (VB.NET)