.NET TextData Provider Demo
2D Tileset Creator (VB.NET)
A .NET-based DirectX Sound Capture and Recording Application
A DB-less Personal Expense Management System
A simple Tool to Generate a VB.Net Class.
A Very Simple Replacement for Xcopy
Access/SQL Server Database Explorer for VB.NET
Adding Spelling & Grammar Checking Functions into VB.NET Applications
ADO.NET Demonstration for VB.NET
An Asynchronous Serial Port Terminal in .NET
An Example of Saving Settings to the Registry
API Viewer for VB.NET and C#
Application Framework for Editing Objects at Run Time
Calculate Age in Visual Basic 2005, Counting Leap years
Calculate The Distance of Two Points On a Coordinate Plane
Calculate The Midpoint of 2 Points on a Coordinate Plane
Call a Web Service Asynchronously with Callback: Demo
CD Tray Control in VB 2005
Check ComboBox's Items for Duplicates (VB.NET)
CmdMail: Command line email utility
Collect User Information from Installations
ControlCollection Usage Demo in VB.NET
Convert Compiled ASP.NET Projects to Uncompiled ASP.NET Pages
Convert Text to PDF with Crystal Reports
Create and Invoke .NET WEB Service using VB.NET (With Tutorial)
Create Databases in SQL Server Using ASP.Net and The SQL-DMO.DLL
Creating and Calling a Web User Control in Asp.NET
Daily Garfield Reader v0.3
Defect Counter
Delegates in Visual Basic.NET
DirectX Image Transformation Filters in ASP.NET 2.0
DoLoopGift Card
Download a Web Pages Contents and Save them to a File in VB.NET
Draw Lines Using the GDI (VB.NET)
Dynamic Notepad in C#
Easy ASP.NET MessageBox
Easy Introduction to Localization in ASP.NET 2.0
Easy Word Processing
Enumerate Processes in VB.NET
Examine a Database Schema in VB 2005
Extending the ASP.NET Imagebutton Control
FedTax Calculator
File Encrypter and Decrypter (VB.NET)
Final CD Bank; a CD Contents Catalogue
Folder From File Name/File Name Only from Full Path (VB.NET)
Framework for Developing Distributed Database Applications
Full Text Search using SQL Server 2000/ASP.NET (w/ Tutorial)
GDI+ Graphics on the fly in ASP.NET
Generate a Random Decimal or Integer

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