Get Next Available Drive
Get Screen Cursor Position
Get The Address of An Object in Memory
Get The Battery Status of Your Notebook
Get the BIOS Date Via Direct Memory Access (Win 95/98)
Get The Computer Type From Windows Vista WMI
Get the CPU Usage of Each Process
Get the Drive Type (Fixed, Removable, CD-ROM) for a Given Drive Letter
Get the Font Name of the Active Title Bar Caption
Get the name of a Drive Volume
Get the Name of the File System (e.g., FAT, NTFS)
Get the System Directory
Get the System's Temporary Directory
Get the Windows Directory
Get The Windows Directory 2
Get The Windows Vista Version and Edition
Gets All Enabled and Active Windows
Hide and Show the Task Bar
Hide and Unhide windows start button using win32 API
Hide any Window
Hide windown taskbar using Win32 API Control
Hook Language Layout Changes
Hotkey Manager (Open Source)
How to Get CPU Usage Per Thread
Implement a Non-Blocking Delay
Implement a Timer without a Timer Control
Initiate a CD's AutoRun File
Install New Applications with The WMI
Interapplication Communication Using Message Hooking
Intercept Print to File dialog box from VB and complete it.
Keep Mouse Cursor Inside a Form or Control
Keep The Current Window On Top
Kill IT - Kill Any application on mouse click
Launch a New Program as a Different User
Launch a VB Program From The IE Context Menu
Launch Programs and Documents Using The Windows Key
List All Active Processes
List All Active Processes and Allow Addition/Removal
List All Available IP Addresses For A Windows Machine
List All Printers on a System in a List Box or Combo Box
List all Windows/Applications Currently Open
List Print Jobs (Just Like Print Spooler)
List Processor Configuration of Local/Remote Machine (VB Script/WMI)
List The Files in Your Indexing Service
List The Properties of All ShadowCopy Storage Areas
Load Cursor Icon From a File
Locate Free Disk Space
Lock a Windows NT/2000 workstation
Lock a Workstation or Implement Fast User Switching With a Single Line
Log Off The Current User

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