Display CPU Usage (Windows 9x Only)
Display information about Drive letters, Type, and Names.
Display Line and Character Position as you Type or Move Cursor
Display Memory and Processor Information
Display Microsoft System Information
Display System Information
Display the Add Printer Dialog
Display the Create a Share Dialog
Display the Internet Properties Dialog Box
Display the Open With Dialog
Display the Printer Properties Dialog for a Given Printer
Display the Processor Speed in MHz
Display the Recycle Bin
Display the Run Dialog
Display the Shut Down Windows Dialog
Display the System Defined Find and Find/Replace Dialogs
Display Time and date on Active Window Titlebar
Display User Profile/Cookie Information
Display Windows Background Wallpaper on Form
Drag File Names from Windows Explorer to Controls in Your Application.
Drive Information Utility
EliteSpy: Window Information/Modification Tool
End a Program, Given only its Window Caption
End All Instances of a Running Process
End an Application that was Started by the Shell Function
Enhance the SHBrowseForFolder API Function
Enumerate All Open Windows (Parent and Children)
Event Spy Control: Capture Numerous Events Not Exposed by VB.
EventVB 1.0.5: Extensive Object-Oriented API Wrapper
Excellent System Tray Control
Find any window
Find in What Mode Windows Has Started
Find/Replace Common Dialog Demo
FindWindow using Wild Card String
Flash a Window in the TaskBar (Win 98/2000)
Format a Drive
Generate User Drawn VB Menus via a Scripting Language
Get a Description of Errors in API functions
Get a Drive's Serial Number
Get a List of All Disabled User Accounts in AD
Get a List Of Local Users On a PC
Get and Set Printer Duplex and/or Orientation by API
Get and Set System Active Title Bar Color
Get and Set System Colors
Get BIOS data
Get BIOS Information
Get Error Messages from the System and Specific Modules
Get Free and Total Memory Routines
Get Free Disk Space
Get Mouse Cursor Position Inside or Outside Form

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