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Determine the Number of Processors on the Current Machine
Disable Ctrl-Alt-Delete (Win 9x only)
Disable or Enable The CTL + ALT + DEL Key Combination
Dispaly the System Settings Changed Restart Dialog
Display Boot Configuration of a (remote) Computer (VBScript/WMI)
Display information about Drive letters, Type, and Names.
Display Microsoft System Information
Display the Add Printer Dialog
Display the Create a Share Dialog
Display the Internet Properties Dialog Box
Display the Open With Dialog
Display the Printer Properties Dialog for a Given Printer
Display the Processor Speed in MHz
Display the Recycle Bin
Display the Run Dialog
Display the Shut Down Windows Dialog
Display Windows Background Wallpaper on Form
End a Program, Given only its Window Caption
End All Instances of a Running Process
End an Application that was Started by the Shell Function
Find any window
Find in What Mode Windows Has Started
FindWindow using Wild Card String
Flash a Window in the TaskBar (Win 98/2000)
Format a Drive
Get a Description of Errors in API functions
Get a Drive's Serial Number
Get a List of All Disabled User Accounts in AD
Get a List Of Local Users On a PC
Get and Set System Active Title Bar Color
Get and Set System Colors
Get BIOS data
Get Free Disk Space
Get Mouse Cursor Position Inside or Outside Form
Get Next Available Drive
Get Screen Cursor Position
Get The Address of An Object in Memory
Get The Battery Status of Your Notebook
Get the BIOS Date Via Direct Memory Access (Win 95/98)
Get The Computer Type From Windows Vista WMI
Get the Drive Type (Fixed, Removable, CD-ROM) for a Given Drive Letter
Get the Font Name of the Active Title Bar Caption
Get the name of a Drive Volume
Get the Name of the File System (e.g., FAT, NTFS)
Get the System Directory
Get the System's Temporary Directory
Get the Windows Directory
Get The Windows Directory 2
Get The Windows Vista Version and Edition
Hide and Show the Task Bar

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