Activate/Deactivate the Screen Saver
Add / Delete Printers (Windows NT/2000)
Add a Local NT Group Using Win32 API
Add an Icon to the System Tray
Add Images to VB menus and Turn Menus into Option Buttons
Add Multiline Balloon Tooltips to ListView Items
Add Real Win32 tooltips for Windowless Controls (Label, Image, etc)
Add Scroll Bars to Controls Purely Through the API
Add Shortcuts to The Desktop
Add/List System Restore Points from VB!
Advanced Multiply Function
Arrange Desktop Icons
Basic Virtual Machine Managmenet Tasks
Benchmarking Using Performance Counters
Capture and Record Keycodes
CDlgEx -- Encapsulates Windows Dialog Functions into One Class
Change System Menu and Title Bar Caption Colors
Change the Keyboard Speed and Repeat Delay
Change The Name of a Computer With Kernel32 Lib
Change the Priority of any Running Process
Change the Priority of the Current Process
Change Your Browser Skin.
Changes the flasher of text box.
Changes the Title Bar on any Window
check exe running already on a machine
Check for User Activity Throughout the System
Check if a Task is Running by Searching on Window Title or Partial Window Title
Check if an Application is Idle for a Period of Time
Check Your Free Disk Space
Checking For Admin Rights on WinXP
Class to Build Cascading Pop-up Menus
CommonDialog control replacement.
Complete System Tray Icon Application
Control Panel Version 2.0
Correct the mistake of forgetting that your CapsLock key is on.
Count the Number of Running Instances of an Application
Create and Delete Virtual Machines The Script Way
Detect if a VB6 App is Running on a 64 bit Operating System
Determine Current Windows Version (Updated for XP)
Determine if a COM Port is Available
Determine if an API Function is Available
Determine if the CapsLock Key is On
Determine if the NumLock Key is On
Determine the Current Machine's Processor Type (e.g., 386, 486, Pentium)
Determine the Number of Processors on the Current Machine
dFreeze Window Manager
Disable Ctrl-Alt-Delete (Win 9x only)
Disable or Enable The CTL + ALT + DEL Key Combination
Disk Information Control
Display Boot Configuration of a (remote) Computer (VBScript/WMI)

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