"Dancing Mouse" -- Randomly Move the Mouse Pointer
Add a File to the Documents List on the Start Up Menu
Add a File to The Recent Documents List
Add and Remove Fonts from the System
Attachment Stripper For Exchange
Calling MSVC DLL procedure from MSVB service to create mutex.
Change double-click time of mouse
Change Frequency of Beep Sound in VB
Change Screen Resolution
Change the Drive Volume Label
Change the windows resolution in VB
Check for presence of mouse
Check If Process is Running on Local/Remote Machine (VB Script/WMI)
Check Removable Drives for Presence of Disk or CD
Clear the Documents Menu
Create single user in Win2000 AD with Exchange mailbox
Debug.Print - from an EXE.
Demo of Shell32 Com DLL as Alternative to System API Functions
Detect the Cursor Position within an Edit Control
Determine Available System and User Resources (Windows 98)
Determine how long Windows has been running
Determine if a Font is Present on a System
Dispaly the System Settings Changed Restart Dialog
Display the Add Printer Dialog
Display the Create a Share Dialog
Display the Open With Dialog
Display the Recycle Bin
Display the Run Dialog
Display Windows Background Wallpaper on Form
Find in What Mode Windows Has Started
Get and Set System Active Title Bar Color
Get Mouse Cursor Position Inside or Outside Form
Get The Computer Type From Windows Vista WMI
Get The Windows Directory 2
Hide and Show the Task Bar
Hide and Unhide windows start button using win32 API
Install New Applications with The WMI
List All Printers on a System in a List Box or Combo Box
List Processor Configuration of Local/Remote Machine (VB Script/WMI)
List The Files in Your Indexing Service
Load Cursor Icon From a File
Lock a Windows NT/2000 workstation
Make Internet Explorer Transparent
Make the Mouse Freeze
Modules with some common Windows API Declarations
MouseOver Detection using GetCursorPos API
Open a File With Its Associated Application: Demo
Open CD Rom Tray
Open the Control Panel dialog box
Precision System Time

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