30 Classes For 40 Instruments
A Thread to Visual Basic: Multi-Threading In VB5 and VB6
A Visual Basic SendMail DLL
Adobe Acrobat Automation With VB and Windows API
Advanced Shell Class and Dll
Advanced Window Manager
Alternative to VB's Shell Function
API Guide containing more than 900 functions with description and declaration
Append Menus Dynamically Via API and Subclass Them
Asynchronous Printer Queue Monitoring
BoS: Shell replacement for Windows 98 and 2000
Call API functions by Name, without Declare, v 2.0
Call API Functions by Name and DLL
Capture the Output of a DOS application
CPU Monitor
Create Hot Keys for any Purpose
Create Multiple Hotkeys with Multiple Functions
Customize Open/Save Common Dialogs
Data Compression at 148 MByte/s with VB6
db4o Open Source Object Database
DeferWindowPos API used to Resize controls on a form
Desktop Toolbar Class
DeskTop3 -- Desktop Icon Manager
Determine Drive Status (Ready, Not Ready, or Non-Existent) Given a Drive Letter
Determine the CPU Usage on the Current Machine
Direct Physical Disk Reads and Binary Editor
Direct Physical Disk Reads and Binary Editor v2.0
Display System Information
Display the System Defined Find and Find/Replace Dialogs
Drag File Names from Windows Explorer to Controls in Your Application.
EliteSpy: Window Information/Modification Tool
End All Instances of a Running Process
End an Application that was Started by the Shell Function
Enhance the SHBrowseForFolder API Function
Enumerate All Open Windows (Parent and Children)
Event Spy Control: Capture Numerous Events Not Exposed by VB.
EventVB 1.0.5: Extensive Object-Oriented API Wrapper
Find/Replace Common Dialog Demo
Generate User Drawn VB Menus via a Scripting Language
Get a List of All Disabled User Accounts in AD
Get BIOS Information
Get Free and Total Memory Routines
Get Free Disk Space
Get the BIOS Date Via Direct Memory Access (Win 95/98)
Get the Font Name of the Active Title Bar Caption
Gets All Enabled and Active Windows
Hide any Window
Hook Language Layout Changes
Hotkey Manager (Open Source)
Implement a Non-Blocking Delay

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