String Manipulation

Serial Number Algorithm
Serial String Comparison That Helps Prevent Crackin
Set The Case of Any Given String
SHA-256 One Way Encryption: VB and ASP Implementation
Simple Bitwise Text Encryption
Simple Cryptography
Simple HashTable Example
Simple Split Function for VB5
sorting with Array
SoundEx function
Split a String into a Variant Array
Sting Token Module
Store Strings by Allocating Memory
String Class
String Conversion Module
String Functions Demo
String Manipulation Functions
String Parsing to Provide a Keyword List
String to ASCII Codes/ASCII Codes to String
String Validation: IsAlphabetical, IsAlphaNumeric, and IsNumericOnly
Strip Alpha Characters From a Given String
Strip Comments from Oracle SQL and PL/SQL scripts
Strip Non AlphaNumeric Characters from a String
Strip special characters from a string
Strip the Null Terminator from a String
Strip/Remove Text From a String
Sub-string Search (InStr and InstrRev Demo for Beginners)
Text Validation Demo
Text Viewer and Simple Encrypter/Decrypter
Three Types of Simple Cryptography
Trim all Nonprinting Characters from a String (VB5/VB6/.NET)
Typing Effect Routine
URLEncode for Large Strings
Verifies Social Insurance Number (Canadian SSN)
Very Fast String Concatenation
Visual Basic Implementation of the 256-bit Serpent Encryption Algorithm.
XML Parser and Builder
XOR De/Encoding
XOR Encryption Function
XOR Encryption.
Zip Code Validator

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