String Manipulation

Credit Card Validation Module
CryptoAPI Demo Version 1.7
CryptoAPI Wrapper
Date Formatter
Delete Unwanted Characters from the Right or Left of a String
Determine if a single character is alphanumeric
Determine if a String Evaluates to an Integer
Determine Whether a String is All Upper Case (or Lower Case)
Determines if single character is alphanumeric
Determining If A Byte Array or a String Is Initalized Using StrPtr
Display a String One Character at a Time (Mid Function Demo)
Display Unicode Characters in VB (Article)
Encoder/decoder for String into Arrays of Integers
Encoding Strings using Escape Characters: Basic Example
encrypt/decrypt string
Encryption Module
Encryption using CryptoAPI
Encryption/Decryption Alogorithm Based on ASCII Values
Enhancement of VB6's Split and Join Functions
Extract Text Between Two Flags With an Offset
Extract Text Within Tags
Fast VB URL Encoder
Find a String Within another String With Many Options
Find All Email Addresses in A Given String
Find And Replace for Edit Controls
Find The Palindrome Of A Word
Flip Case Function
Format a US Telephone number given any string.
Function to Increment a String Counter
Generate all Possible Combinations of a Set of Characters
Generate all Possible Passwords of a Given Length
Get The Substring of a String Between Two Given Substrings
Hashing (One Way Encryption) Algorithm
Hex to ASCII Converter
Hexadecimal Translator Version 1.1
How to use undo\redo in a RichTextBox
HTML Parsing Functions
Implement VB6 string functions in VB5 (Improved Over MSKB Version)
Increment a Text String (from ABY to ABZ to AZA etc.)
Insert Comma For Numbers
InStrRev for VB5
InstrRev Function With Reverse Count Option
Introduction to Cryptoanalysis
IP Address String Handler
JavaScript-Like String Object Class
Join Function for VB5 and below
Junk Character Filter
Large Library of Cryptographic Algorithms for VB Version 2.0
Limit Case of Textbox Input using Bit Manipulation
Limit Number of Words Per Line By Number of Characters

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