String Manipulation


A Base64 / MIME Encoding and Decoding Class.
A fast method for appending strings
A Perfect Text Editor
A Reversible XOR Encryption Using a Rotating Key
A String Manipulation Module (S.M.M) v0.1
Allow Database Manipulations on Strings
ByteArrayToString and StringToByteArray
Check For the alphanumeric text in textbox
Classical Cipher Encoding Demo
Clipboard Text Saver
Compress and Decompress Strings
Convert a Byte Array to a String
Convert an Integer Number to Text in French
Convert any number to a string equivalent (like Excel column letters)
Convert Command Line Args To an Array
Convert Numerals (0 to 999 trillion) to English Words
Convert Strings Into BarCode and Print
Create Random Character Data
Create Vertical Strings
Credit Card Validation Module
Determining If A Byte Array or a String Is Initalized Using StrPtr
Display Unicode Characters in VB (Article)
encrypt/decrypt string
Encryption Module
Encryption/Decryption Alogorithm Based on ASCII Values
Enhancement of VB6's Split and Join Functions
Extract Text Between Two Flags With an Offset
Fast VB URL Encoder
Find a String Within another String With Many Options
Find All Email Addresses in A Given String
Format a US Telephone number given any string.
Generate all Possible Combinations of a Set of Characters
Generate all Possible Passwords of a Given Length
HTML Parsing Functions
Implement VB6 string functions in VB5 (Improved Over MSKB Version)
InStrRev for VB5
Introduction to Cryptoanalysis
IP Address String Handler
JavaScript-Like String Object Class
Junk Character Filter
Limit Case of Textbox Input using Bit Manipulation
Octal-Based Text Encryption Method
Parse Words From String (Multiple Delimiters Allowed)
Password Generator
Postfix Notatation Program
Print Text into a Picture Box Allowing for Different Alignments/Font Sizes
Publish code to HTML using VB IDE Colors
RainbowText: Creates HTML Rainbow Colored Text (v 1.04)
RC4 Encryption in VB
Read Text From a File Quickly

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