Create a Unique List from Column A (Excel Macro)
Create Access Database at run time
Create an Access 2000 Database Using ADOX
Create an Access Database
Create an array of individual words from a phrase entered in an HTML text box
Create an array of individual words from a phrase entered in an HTML text box (Alternative Method)
Create an Explode Effect
Create an Internet Shortcut
Create and Delete Directories and Subdirectories in VB.NET
Create and Delete Virtual Machines The Script Way
Create and email a word document from ASP.
Create and randomly shuffle contents of an array in one function call
Create and Remove Controls at Run Time
Create Dynamic Plurals by Using the IIf function
Create Horizontal, Vertical, or Diagonal Gradient Forms
Create HTML on the Fly with the MS Internet Control
Create Interpreted Classes in Classic ASP
Create Microsoft Access Database Programmatically (VB.NET/ASP.NET)
Create Path Recursively as Needed (w/o APIs)
Create Shortcuts for Files and Applications with Parameters
Create SQL System DSN Through Registry Edits
Create Users and Add Them to Groups
Create VB6 Class Wrappers For MS WMI Classes
Create XML file with Client side Browser Input.
Create XML Using the MSXML Object Library
Create Your DSNs at Runtime
Creates a relative path from one file or folder to another.
Creating a Dataset with Customized Columns and Rows
Creating a Login Form That connect to the database to check the user and password that listed
Creating an Invisible/hollow Forrm in VB.NET
Creating and manipulating 3D anaglyphic images
Creating Dithering Effects
Creating XML Files by Combining XML Nodes
Credit Card & SIN Number Validation
Credit Card Number Validator
Credit Card Validation Routine
Credit Card Validation using LUHN formula
Currency Converter
Cursor Position/Line Number From Rich Text Box
Cut, Copy, and Paste for MSFlexGrid Control
Cuts pictutres easily and put the region in another picture box.
Database Programming in ASP Part II: Building a Guestbook (Article)
Date Formatter
Date Picker
Date/Time Generator For Report Testing
DateTime Object in .NET: Demo
Day of Week Function
Dbl Linked List In VB
DealCard handles dealing and shuffling for card games
Debug Editor Shortcut Keys (Quick Reference)

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