Convert A Binary String to A Decimal Number
Convert a Byte Array to a String
Convert a Date to a Julian Date (one-line function)
Convert a Decimal Number to Any Base (Bin, Oct, Hex)
Convert a Decimal Number to Binary
Convert a Decimal to a Fraction
Convert a file path to a UNC path
Convert a hex color string to an rgb color
Convert a Hexadecimal Number to a Base 10 Value
Convert a Long Integer to a Byte Array
Convert a String to Proper Case in ASP
Convert an Excel Column Number Into its String Equivalent
Convert an Excel column number to its string equivalent
Convert an Integer Number to Text in French
Convert an IP address to a Long Integer for API Calls
Convert any color into a web-safe color.
Convert any Date Value to Julian Date Value
Convert any number to a string equivalent (like Excel column letters)
Convert Base 10 Integers to Binary, Octal And Hex
convert base 10 to any other base
Convert Bitmap to Another Image Format (VB.NET)
Convert Byte Array to Corresponding Numeric Value
Convert Bytes to Megabytes
Convert Bytes to the Appropriate Format (Bytes, KB, MB, GB)
Convert Command Line Args To an Array
Convert Decimal Degrees to Degrees in Minutes Seconds Format
Convert Dotted Quad IP Address to Long IP Address and Vice Versa
Convert Excel Formulas to Absolute or Relative (Excel Macro)
Convert French Francs to Euro
Convert Hex Color Codes to RGB
Convert IP to Long and Back to Dotted
Convert letters on a Telephone into Digits
Convert Long Integer to Binary Value
Convert Missing or Invalid Dates in Databases to Null
Convert Null Values From a RecordSet into Strings -- Yet Another Method
Convert Null Values into Strings
Convert Null Values into Strings -- Alternative Method
Convert Nulls to Strings (alternative method)
Convert Number To Time
Convert Numbers and Currency Values to English
Convert Numeric RGB Values to Hexadecimal HTML Color String
Convert Seconds Into Minutes in Decimal Format
Convert seconds or a date range to hours, minutes, seconds (hh:mm:ss
Convert Seconds to a String as D:H:M:S
Convert Seconds to Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds
Convert Seconds to Hours, Minutes Seconds as h:mm:ss
Convert seconds to Hours, Minutes, and Seconds
Convert Short (8.3) File Names to Long File Names
Convert string to UK phone number format
Convert Strings To NATO Phonetic Alphabet

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