Check to see if a date/time is during Daylight Savings Time, or Standard Time
Check to See if an Item with a Specific Key is in a Collection
Check whether the network is installed
Check Your Free Disk Space
Check your IP in a snap
Checking For Admin Rights on WinXP
Checking NULL value in VB.NET
Choose Function Example
Circle Color Gradient
Clear all Edit Controls on a Form
Clear All Textbox Controls Without a Control Array
Clear all Textboxes on a Form
Clear Textbox Controls In A Form With Containers
Clear the Documents Menu
Clearing TextBox Controls in One Sweep
Client-Side Validation of HTML Form Data Using VB Script
Clone an Object Using Serialization
Code to display the Directory structure supplied to it
Code To Compute a Linear Regression.
Coding Standards (Article)
Collapse TreeView Node All the Way Down
Color Gradient over a Form - No API Call
Color Scroll Bars
Color-Code HTML The Lazy Way
Colored Lights
Colorful Screen Saver
Colorful Tunnel Effect for Forms
Column letter Equivalent of Column Number in Excel
Communicate With Commercial T7 Credit Card Machine
Compact an Access Database
Compact and Repair a User Level secured Access database
Compare dates to Determine which one is Later
Compare File Versions
Compare Two Files to Determine if They are Identical
Compare two Time Values to Determine Which is Earlier
Compute CRC Checksum
Compute Geodesic Distance between Earth surface Coordinates
Connect ORACLE
Connect to a Secure Access Database Using ADO
Connect to an Oracle DB Using ADO
Controlling an Automation Server with Early Binding
Controls Collection - Toggling Visibility
Conver a VB Color to RGB
Conver Unix Text to Valid Windows (DOS) Text
Convert a numeric value to binary
Convert IBM Packed Decimal from DISAM DB to Integer
Convert Seconds to Minutes (or Minutes to Hours) in 0:00 format
Convert 1D Arrays to 2D Arrays and Back
Convert a .NET DataReader (Any Type) to XML
Convert a .NET DataReader to XML

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