Change DNS and WINS on Remote Machines (VB Script)
Change double-click time of mouse
Change Field Size in MS Access at Runtime using DAO
Change Frequency of Beep Sound in VB
Change Screen Resolution
Change System Menu and Title Bar Caption Colors
Change the Archive and Read-Only Attributes of a File
Change the colors and fonts of the form and its controls to the windows default values.
Change the computer name
Change the Drive Volume Label
Change the Extension of Files in a Specified Folder
Change the Keyboard Speed and Repeat Delay
Change The Name of a Computer With Kernel32 Lib
Change the Priority of any Running Process
Change the Priority of the Current Process
Change the registered owner of your windows copy
Change the Screen Display Resolution
Change the Text for all Applications in the Taskbar
Change the windows resolution in VB
Change The Windows Wallpaper
Changing a colour to GREYSCALE
Changing a VB Picture Object Pixel by Pixel
Changing Colors of a Textbox Without The Common Dialogue Control
Check a Social Security Number for Validity
Check Access Rights to File/Directory on NTFS Volume
Check accuracy of a number using a check digit
Check an e-mail address for validity (VB 5 and below)
Check an e-mail address for validity (VB 6 and up)
Check an Email Address for Validity (VB.NET and VB6)
Check Browser Capability Using the ASP BrowserType Object
Check Digit MOD 10 w/ weights 7-5-3-2
Check For A File's Existense
Check for presence of mouse
Check for Previous Instance of an Application (VB.NET)
Check for Previous Instance of an Application Using Mutex (VB.NET)
Check For the alphanumeric text in textbox
Check for User Activity Throughout the System
Check if Printer is Available on a Remote Print Server (VB Script)
Check If a Date/time Value is During Daylight Savings or Standard Time
Check If A Given Printer is Online With .NET
Check if a MS Excel or Access file is password protected
Check If a Process is Running on a Remote Computer (VB Script)
Check if a String Starts or Ends With a Given Set of Characters
Check if a Task is Running by Searching on Window Title or Partial Window Title
Check if a User Account (ADSI or NT) is Disabled (VB Script)
Check if an Application is Idle for a Period of Time
Check if Powerpoint is Running
Check If Process is Running on Local/Remote Machine (VB Script/WMI)
Check If Your Application is Running in an IDE or as an Exe
Check Removable Drives for Presence of Disk or CD

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