Book Review: Professional VB.NET
Book Review: Programming Microsoft SQL Server 2000 with XML
Bubble Sort Flexgrid Alpha & Numeric
Bubble Sort For Numeric Data
Building a Query-Based Filter in Access 2000 (Article)
Bulk Copy SQL Server Data
Bulk Un/Register DLLs & OCXs (VB Script)
By this code you can open your file (eg: example.myfile)
ByteArrayToString and StringToByteArray
Calcualte Relative Date from Today (Leap Year Aware)
Calculate a person's age
Calculate a Person's Age Using DateSerial Function
Calculate a Person's Exact Age
Calculate a Persons Age (VB.NET/ASP.NET)
Calculate an Interpolated Value.
Calculate Distance Between 2 Points Given Longitude/Latitude (ASP)
Calculate Elapsed Time Given Start & End Dates/Times
Calculate Hours Between Dates (Excel Function)
Calculate Mod 10 Check Digit
Calculate n Prime Numbers
Calculate One-Sample T Statistics
Calculate the Average of Items in a Numeric Array (generic function)
Calculate the standard deviation of elements in an array
Calculate The Subnet Mask From an IP Range
Calculator With Extra Functions
Calendar: 1 Month with Highlighting in Excel
Call Webservice from VB6
Calling an API Function From VB.NET
Calling MSVC DLL procedure from MSVB service to create mutex.
Capitalize the First Letter of Each Word in a Sentence.
Capture and Record Keycodes
Capture KeyStrokes Within or Outside Your Application
Capture the Entry of Items into the Event Log (VB.NET)
Capturing Basic Site Statistics Using ASP (Article)
Cascading All Windows
Cascading Effect for a Command Button
Cascading Windows With a Click Event
CDateHour - Convert From DateTime, Rounding Down To The Nearest Hour
Cell-to-Cell Navigation of Grid Controls with Tab Key Demo
Center a Form on the Screen Accounting for Taskbars
Center a form on the screen.
Center a Message Box over a Form
Center a set of controls horizontally on a form.
Center Your Form When it Loads
Change a File's Last Modified Date Stamp
Change a Password for an Access Database
Change a User's Password (w/o Active Directory)
Change a User's Password in Windows 2000
Change Back and Fore Color of Progress Bar
Change Desktop Settings Via the Registry

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