Sub-string Search (InStr and InstrRev Demo for Beginners)
Subclassing the WebBrowser Control in VB.Net 2.0; have full control over it, including mouse events
Swap Elements in an Array
Telnet Server & Client
Temperature Converter That Includes Kelvins
Test for a Previous Instance of the Application
Test for CDONTS on server
Text Validation Demo
The Advantages of the .NET Framework (Article - Opinion)
This will open cdroms on windows computers
Threads in Visual Basic (Article, With Example)
Toggle CapsLock Key
Toggle NumLock Key
Toggle Proxy On/Off in IE5 Toolbar Button
Toggle the Scroll Lock Key
Toggling Checkboxes
Translucent/Tranparent Forms in VB.NET (1 Line of Code)
Trim all Nonprinting Characters from a String (VB5/VB6/.NET)
Trim Non-numeric Characters Using ASCII
True Form on top with API
Try/Catch for VB6, VBA and VBScript
Turn the mouse Hourglass on or off
Turn WordWrap On or Off in an RTF Text Box
Two Different Ways of Highlighting Text in an Edit Control
Two Different Ways of Listing All Files in a Directory
Two-Dimensional Array Demo for Beginners
Typing Effect Routine
UNC Path From a Path Referencing a Mapped Network Drive
Unique Random Numbers in an Array
Universal Centering Procedure
Unix-Windows Funky Character Stripper/Swapper
Unload all forms except for the current one
Unload All Child Forms In An MDI Application.
Unload all forms
Unsigned Arithmetic in Visual Basic
Updated: Insert an Element Into an Array without Looping
URL Encoder and Decoder for VB
URL Segmenter: Splits URL into an Array of Component Parts
URLEncode for Large Strings
Use a Public Property to Assign its Value to Several Controls
Use Different Colors in a Rich Text Box Control: Demo
Use Masked Edit Box with Variable Length Data from a Database
Use Math And Coordinates To Draw And Move An Accordion
Use of Date Functions in Access (Article)
Use Recursion to Visually list files and folders
Use the Environ Array to Retrieve Environment Information
Use The Tag Property to Validate a Password in a TextBox
Use The user32 Library to Change The Cursor
Use The WMI to Add a Registered FIle Extension to The Registry

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