Simple Way To Check For a Network Connection
Simple Way to Rename a File or Folder
Simple WMI Script to Shutdown A Computer
Simplified Array Sorting
Simplified Validation of Bank Routing Numbers
Skin Pad: Text Editor with Skins
Sleep, Using The Win32 API in VB6
Smart Date From Text Date Field
Solve Pythagorum Theorum Equations
Solve Quadratic Equations
Solve Quadratic Equations in One Variable
Solve Simultaneous Equations of Three Variables
Sort a Two-Dimensional Array on Any Element
Sort Date Column in ListView without Using API
Sort Objects in A .NET Collection by A Specified Property
Sort Objects in a Collection by Specified Property
Sorting Unbound Datagrid with Numerical Data
sorting with Array
SoundEx function
Soundex with Optional Accuracy (Revised)
Speech API Demo
Split a String into a Variant Array
Split Files of Any Size
SQL Server Information Viewer
Start .EXE Files from a ListView Control
Start a Service in Windows 2000
Start and configure your default screen saver
Start and End Document Functions for ASP
Start the Screen Saver
Start, Stop, or Pause the SQL Server Service
Startup a Program via The Windows Registry
State/Province & Country Dropdown Subroutine
Step through User Defined Fields and Values on a Outlook Form
Stop a Service in Windows 2000
Stop Forms from Flickering while updating Controls
Store Command Line Arguments in An Array
StretchBlt API Function Example
String Functions Demo
String Manipulation Functions
String Parsing to Provide a Keyword List
String to ASCII Codes/ASCII Codes to String
String Validation: IsAlphabetical, IsAlphaNumeric, and IsNumericOnly
Strip Alpha Characters From a Given String
Strip Comments from Oracle SQL and PL/SQL scripts
Strip Images from an HTML file and Save the File
Strip Non AlphaNumeric Characters from a String
Strip special characters from a string
Strip the Null Terminator from a String
Strip/Remove Text From a String
Stripping Nulls in a "Typed" Manner

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