Set a Combo Box's Maximum Text Length
Set a Password for an Access Database
Set ListIndex Property Without Generating Click Event
Set Propercase() On All Words Or Just the First Word
Set System Information and Environment Variables With VB.Net
Set the Home (Start) Page for Internet Explorer
Set the ListIndex Property of a Combo Box Given an ItemData Value
Set the Mouse Cursor Position
Seven Queens on a Single Chess Board
Shell to another app and wait for it to finish using Windows Scripting Host
Shell to Another Application and Wait Until it Finishes
Shipping Container ISO Code Validator
Shipping Container ISO number check
Shooting Demo for Beginners
Show current date & system time with milliseconds
Show disk drive info of a (remote) computer (VBScript/WMI)
Show Disk Partition Settings of a (Remote) Computer (WMI/VB Script)
Show Disk Partition Settings of a (Remote) Computer (WMI/VB Script) 2
Show File Properties Dialog for a Specified File
Show Form Using the EnableWindow API Function
Show Help Using the Common Dialog Control
Show Long List Entries as a ToolTip
Show Network Adapter Settings, Local or Remote Machine (VB Script/WMI)
Show Operating System Properties, Local or Remote Computer (VBScript/WMI)
Show or Hide the Start Button
Show the Display Properties Dialog
Show The Transmission Time of A Win32 API In A Label
ShowHide Start Button
Shows the Connect / Disconnect Network Connection Dialog
Shuffle Array Elements Randomly
Shut Down Windows
Shutdown Windows with One Line of Code
Shutdown, Reboot, or Log Off a System (Win 9x, NT, and 2000).
Side Menu Control
Simple Animation for Command Buttons in a Form: Demo
Simple Bit Manipulation for VB
Simple Bitwise Text Encryption
Simple Code to Check If a File Exists in .NET
Simple Collision Detection Demo
Simple Cryptography
Simple FTP GET Sample
Simple Function To Sort Standard Collections
Simple Gradient Form Back color
Simple Progress Bar for Beginners
Simple Scroll Bar Example
Simple Scroll Bar Example 2
Simple Scrolling Banner
Simple Sorting Routine For a Collection of Strings
Simple Split Function for VB5
Simple Splitter Bar Demo

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