"Dancing Mouse" -- Randomly Move the Mouse Pointer
"Xtreme Player" -- MP3 Player with Skins
52 Card Deck Maker
A Base64 / MIME Encoding and Decoding Class.
A Basic C# Console Application Sample
A Basic Calculator Application
A Basic DAO Connection Method
A Basic Drag and Drop Sample
A Basic Pythagoras Implementation in VB6
A Better App.Path
A Better chr() Function
A Binary Search Algorithm
A C# Overloaded Method to Calculate an MD5 Hash
A C# RSS Feed Retriever Sample
A Custom Command Line Interpreter
A Daily Alarm class
A Dbase IV Module with an Export Function
A Function That Can Calculate ISBN Checksums.
A Function That Computes the Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors For a Real Symmetric Matrix
A Function To Determine Whether A File Exists
A Function To Simplify ExecuteNonQuery Statements
A Quick Way to Extract Filenames From a Path
A Reversible XOR Encryption Using a Rotating Key
a Sample method to set any Listitem of a listview with any color
A Script to Auto Detect and Map Printers
A Simple Analog Clock that Adds Seconds Markers as it Counts
A Simple C# RegEx Method
A Simple Check for a Valid Email Address Using VBScript
A Simple Digital Clock
A Simple Help File in VB6
A Simple Implementation on Stack and Queue
A Simple Show and Hide Assistant Example
A Singleton Function for VB
A VB Version of Cs printf Function Using ParamArray
A Very Simple Calculator
A WinForm That Fades In and Out Upon Load and Exit
A Working Screen Saver (Based on an article from the author)
Abbreviate Text
About Icons/Icon Extraction (Article)
Accepting a Passed Command Parameter
Access Each Message in Outlook Inbox
Access Textbox Numeric Mask
Accessing LDAP using VB.NET
Activate an App by a Partial Window Title
Activate/Deactivate the Screen Saver
Active Directory in VB.NET - Get LDAP Users & Groups
Add a 3D Effect to Forms, Textboxes, and Labels
Add a 3D, Office-2000 Like Effect to a Form or Control
Add a Database to a SQL Server
Add a File to the Documents List on the Start Up Menu

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