A Working Screen Saver (Based on an article from the author)
About Icons/Icon Extraction (Article)
Adjust a Picture's Brightness Level
Advanced Line Procedure With Many Options
AlphaBlending Demo
Animated Oil-Like Background Effect.
Animating Windows
Basic Drawing Demo
Bitmaps on menus - Simplified
Cascading All Windows
Change the Screen Display Resolution
Change The Windows Wallpaper
Changing a colour to GREYSCALE
Changing a VB Picture Object Pixel by Pixel
Circle Color Gradient
Color Gradient over a Form - No API Call
Colorful Screen Saver
Conver a VB Color to RGB
Convert any color into a web-safe color.
Convert VBColor to Hexadecimal Format
Cool Progress Bars
Count Unqiue Colors Quickly
Create a Counter/Scorekeeper using Graphics
Creating and manipulating 3D anaglyphic images
Creating Dithering Effects
Cuts pictutres easily and put the region in another picture box.
Draw a Dotted Selection Box
Draw a Gradient Either Horizontally, Vertically, or in a Circle
Draw an Arc in VB 6
Draw Chinese Tai Chi Oracle on a Form
Draw Circles of Different Size and Color With a Mouse Click
Draw Circles With Outlines
Draw Inner Circles of Different Size and Color
Draws a gradient from one color to another with Win32 API
Easy Tile Demo
Easy way to Get the Dimensions of an Image
Extract an Icon From a Binary File
Extract The Red, Green and Blue Values From a Long
Fade Text in a TextBox from ForeGround to BackGround Color
Fast GreyScaling Using Byte Arrays
Form Gradient Using Only Three Lines Of Code
Get Current Screen Resolution
Get desktop wallpaper
Get the Maximum number of Colors Supported by the System
Gradient forms from sides to middle
Graphic Background Effect for a Form
Graphics Functions Using msimg32.dll (Windows 98/2000 only)
Graphics Zoom
How to Draw Circle, Line, Box in Form
List all Screen Fonts in a List Box or Combo Box

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