3D Soccer Field
A Collection of Bitmap Routines
A Photoshop-style Color Picker
A Simple Way To Get DIB Bits in VB.NET.
Access TWAIN Compatible Scanners
Adjust Brightness/Contrast Level of Images
Advanced Color Functions with Limited API Usage
An Anti Aliased Image Rotation Algorithm
Apply a Color Palette to a Picture
Blend the Images from Two Picture Boxes
Bubbles Effect on a Form
Circle, Semi-Circle, and Oval Drawer
Circular Form/Image Rotation Demo
Collision Detection and Evasion Demo
Color Pallette
Color Selection Using ChooseColorAPI Function
Color, AlphaBlending, Transparant, Limited API Usage
Combine Two Pictures Transparently
Copying Graphics
Create a Custom Grid and Access its Cells
Create a Perfect Gradient between ANY 2 colors
Create a Sizable Ruler with Position Indicator
Display Colorful, Randomized Full-Screen Patterns
Display Rotated Text in a Picture Box or Window
Draw 3D Lines and Boxes Demo
Draw a Gradient Within a Picture Box
Draw Arcs on a Form
Drawing Angles Demo Version 1.5
Drawing Graphics Via The Clipboard
Drawing Lines to Grid Points, with Snap to Grid Feature
Dynamic Picture Resizing
Fast Per Pixel Alpha Blending using API Calls
Fill a region of a picture using the ExtFloodFill API
Fireworks Effects
Four Colour Gradient (One Colour on each Corner)
GDI32 .BAS Module (Declarations, Types, and Constants)
Gradient Effects
Gradient Fill with Percentage Update
Graphics Functions Using msimg32 Demo II (Windows 98/2000)
Matrix/Graphics Effects Using ExtFloodFill API Function
Mulit-Directional Gradient
Permit User Resizing of Graphics
Picture Box with Scroll Bar Demo.
Play AVI Files without an OCX
Popupper 1.0 - Create MSN Messanger style Popups
Printing Text on a Picture Box
Progress Bar with Optional Label and Color Setting
Randomly Generates Animated Lines That Move Across the Screen
Real-time flames without using palettes or pictures
Resize Graphics Proportionally

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