216 Color Pallette
A nice tool to test a color code, from HTML, Ole and Win32
Basic Drawing Demo
Bitmaps on menus - Simplified
Changing a colour to GREYSCALE
Color Chooser
Color Gradient over a Form - No API Call
Color Guide for VB Applications
Colorful Screen Saver
Conver a VB Color to RGB
Convert VBColor to Hexadecimal Format
Cool Progress Bars
Copying Graphics
Create a Custom Grid and Access its Cells
Creating and manipulating 3D anaglyphic images
Display Images in a Picture Box or Default Viewer
Draw 3D Lines and Boxes Demo
Draw a Dotted Selection Box
Draw Chinese Tai Chi Oracle on a Form
Draw Circles of Different Size and Color With a Mouse Click
Draw Inner Circles of Different Size and Color
Draw Line
Draw Mode, Draw Style, and FillStyle Demo
Draw using PSET ( simple example )
Drawing Angles Demo Version 1.5
Easy way to Get the Dimensions of an Image
Fade Text in a TextBox from ForeGround to BackGround Color
Fake 3D Punching
Form Gradient Using Only Three Lines Of Code
Get Color Values in Hex, RGB and QBColor format
Graphics Browser (Beginner's Demo)
Graphics Zoom
How to Draw Circle, Line, Box in Form
Hurricane Effect
Image Browser
List all Screen Fonts in a List Box or Combo Box
Macromedia Flash Control, Simple login example
Making and converting negatives - simple way
Making and Converting Negatives with A PictureBox Control.
OLEDragDrop Demonstration With Picture Box
Picture Box with Scroll Bar Demo.
Picture Viewer with Slide Show Option
Printing Text on a Picture Box
Progress bar, ActiveX control, with 3 different styles
Psychedelic Screen Saver
Quick and Dirty Gradient
Rainbow Generator
Random Animation Demo
RGB & HEX Color selection tool ( Simple Example )
Simple Paint-like Application Example

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