"Finicky": Paint Program
216 Color Pallette
3D Sample Applications
3D Terrain without using any APIs or external components
A 3D demo w/o DirectX or OpenGL
A Colorpicker that uses WebSafe Colors.
A Custom Color Picker For Easy Integration
A demonstration of the Circle draw method in VB6
A Heuristic Graphic Filter
A Tool to Map Images Using VB.NET
Add Text to an Icon.
Advanced Selection Tools (Rectangular, Elliptical, Polygon, and More)
Animation using BitBlt: Demo
ArtDraw - A Vector Graphics Software Package
Auto Redraw Property Demo
Basic Image Editor
BitBlt Animation Demo
BitBlt API Function Demonstration
Calculate an Angle given Two Connected Lines
Change Desktop Icon Text Color or Make the Text Transparent
Character Map
Checkerboard Screen Saver
Chessboard Screen Saver Version 2.0
Christmas Tree Screen Saver
Clip a StdPicture Image without Using an Intermediary Control
Color Chooser
Color Gradient Box
Color Guide for VB Applications
Color Picker
Color Picker: Returns Exact Value of Color From Image in PictureBox
Color/Font Code Viewer,Selector, and Builder
Colorful, Full Screen Pattern
Comprehensive Graphics Programming Tutorials With Examples
Convert Icon files to bitmaps, and vice versa
Covnert 3 Images to 3D Objects
Create Drop Shadows
Create Gradient Text Effects with no API call, v2
Create Masked Alpha Blends
Create Rotated, Embossed, Engraved and Gradient Text Effects
Create Sin-Cosine Animated Effects
Create Tiled Backgrounds
Dancing Baby Screen Saver
Demo of Various Animation Techniques w/Picture Box
Desktop Magnifier
Detect Motion on a Videogram Streaming from a Web Cam
Digital Image Processing Application
Direct X Matrix Like Effect
Display Images in a Picture Box or Default Viewer
Display Information About Each Attached Monitor
Draw Line

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