24-bit Picture class w/ resize, crop, transregion and exposed bits
24-bit Picture class w/ resize, crop, transregion and exposed bits Part 2
3D Terrain without using any APIs or external components
A Custom Color Picker For Easy Integration
A Heuristic Graphic Filter
A Simple Way To Get DIB Bits in VB.NET.
Access TWAIN Compatible Scanners
Add Text to an Icon.
Adjust Brightness/Contrast Level of Images
Advanced Line Procedure With Many Options
Advanced Selection Tools (Rectangular, Elliptical, Polygon, and More)
An Anti Aliased Image Rotation Algorithm
Archimedian Spiral Control
ArtDraw - A Vector Graphics Software Package
Change the Screen Display Resolution
Changing a VB Picture Object Pixel by Pixel
Character Map
Clip a StdPicture Image without Using an Intermediary Control
Color Picker Controls
Color Tools: Color Picker and Color Value Slider
Comprehensive Graphics Programming Tutorials With Examples
Convert Icon files to bitmaps, and vice versa
Count Unqiue Colors Quickly
Create Drop Shadows
Create Rotated, Embossed, Engraved and Gradient Text Effects
Detect Motion on a Videogram Streaming from a Web Cam
Digital Image Processing Application
Direct X Matrix Like Effect
Draw Shapes, Lines and More with DXFWriter v.1.0
Draw Your Own Menus to make Office-style picture menus
Dxsma(Pre-Alpha) , Directx helping functions(DLL)
Enter command and the program will then draw
EPaint - Complete Photo/Image Editor
Fill a region of a picture using the ExtFloodFill API
Four Colour Gradient (One Colour on each Corner)
Fractal Generator
GDI Demo
Icon and Cursor Editor
Icon Editor Version 2.0
Image Viewer
Magnifier Glass Effect With Animation
Mask, Transparency and Raster Operations to Combine Two Bitmaps and Create Transparent Bitmaps
Memory Device Context Drawing Class
Motion Detection on a Videogram Streaming from a Web Cam
One Click Screen Grab
OpenGL Graphics Viewer/Editor
Paint Brush/Photo Editor Program
PicIt: Image Editing Application
Place Text and/or Image on a Picture And Drag it to the Desired Position
Plasma Generator

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