Office / VBA

Excel Object Model Wrapper
Excel to Access Conversion
Export a Listview Object to Excel
Export an Excel Worksheet to XML (Excel Macro)
Export Excel Data to AutoCad DXF Files
Export MSFlexGrid Values to Excel.
File Conversion with Microsoft Word Object
Find Duplicate Cells in Excel Data
Gauss-Jordan Matrix Inversion and Solution to Linear Equations
Get an Excel Columns Letter Representation from a Number
Get Number of Unread Messages in Outlook Inbox
Get the Name of all SubFolders for an Outlook Folder
Implement Text to Speech in Office
Logistic Regression Demo in Excel
Matrix Multiplication Function
Moon Distance and Phase, Star Transit Time and More
MS Outlook Add-In: Send to Junk Senders List and Delete (v 1.3)
Open Office VBA - Email Program
Open, Close, Edit, Find/Replace and Print Word Documents in VB6
Outlook scan body message for email
Pass Values to Excel From VB - Demo
Program for assisting forester in doing inventory works
Recursive Function to Convert Column Numbers to Letters
Removing annoying Detetion option box in Open Office
Rename All Access Queries/Tables
Retrieve data from Microsoft Excel Worksheet Demo
Save Attachments From the Outlook Inbox to a File
Search Outlook Folder recursively
Send a Fax Using Outlook/Microsoft Fax.
Send e-mail using Outlook
Send File as Outlook Express Attachment
Send Notification via Outlook E-mail when an Error Occurs in Your Application
Send/Receive Mail From All Accounts Using Outlook
Set a Single Column of Data to Print on X pages (Excel Macro)
Show Access Reports in VB
Simple Pythagoras
Simple Word Processor
Skinnable Forms in Excel/Other Excel Techniques
Spell Check using Excel Automation
Spell Check Using MS Word Object Library
Spell Check Using Word Automation
Spell Number to Words
Step through User Defined Fields and Values on a Outlook Form
Talking Dictionary
TextTool: Access 97 DB For Working With Text Files
Tree View & List View Control In VBA (Access Application TreeView.mdb )
Two Simple Editors for Any Text File
Use Microsoft Word as a Reporting Tool from Visual Basic
Use Undocumented MSOffice Graphic Filters to Convert Images Across Formats
VB To Excel Report Gererator With Protected Worksheets

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