Network / Internet

A class to Preserve message boundaries using TCP and the VB Winsock Control
A Graphical Bandwidth Meter
A Ping Monitor utility
A Simple But Professional Looking Web Browser.
A User Manager for Windows Server Domains
ActiveX Control Replacement for VBs WebBrowser Control
Add a Web Site to the Internet Explorer Favorites List
An Asynchronous, Multithreaded nSocket TCP Server
AOL 8.0 Scrambler Bot
AOL Instant Messenger Client
Auto Patcher / Auto Updater for Online Games
AutoFTP: Schedules FTP Downloads
Automatic Notification via E-mail When a Server's IP Address Changes
Automatically Establish Dial-Up/RAS Connections
Automatically remove the C$ share upon startup
Automatically Update Programs or Files from a Remote Location
Bandwith Monitor
Basic Web Server Example
Beach Cam Version 2
Beginner's Winsock Example
Calculate The Subnet Mask From an IP Range
Capture and Display SNMP Packets
Change a User's Password (w/o Active Directory)
Change DNS and WINS on Remote Machines (VB Script)
change internet explorer offline mode by
Chat For Local Network
Chat or File Transfer With The Winsock Control Over TCP/IP
Chat With Custom Interface For Your Local Network
Check an e-mail address for validity (VB 5 and below)
Check an e-mail address for validity (VB 6 and up)
Check if Printer is Available on a Remote Print Server (VB Script)
Check If a Process is Running on a Remote Computer (VB Script)
Check if a User Account (ADSI or NT) is Disabled (VB Script)
Check whether the network is installed
Check your IP in a snap
CNetConn: Internet Connection Class Module
Combined UI for Internet Apps (Web Browser, FTP, Chat and more)
Complete UI for Sending Email
Complete USENET Posting Application
Compute CRC cheksum used in IP protocol
Connect to an http Server via Winsock
Convert 32Bit Internet Address To Dotted Quads, And Visa Versa
Convert a file path to a UNC path
Convert an IP address to a Long Integer for API Calls
Convert Dotted Quad IP Address to Long IP Address and Vice Versa
Convert IP to Long and Back to Dotted
Counterstrike (Multi-player Game) Rcon Client
Create a chat room using the Winsock control.
Create an Internet Shortcut
Create your own web Browser easily

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