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Elevator Man; A Game using BitBlt and Collision Detection
Enlarged Minesweeper Game
Even Wins - An AI Game
Explosion Fireworks Demo
Froggies: Leap Frog Game
Game:Hanoi Tower II
game:Hanoi Towers
Generate Tiled Backgrounds for Games
Genius Game
Get or Set the ID3 Tag of an mp3 File
HangMan Game
Haunted Desktop
HSdodger v2 - Brush Game
ID3 Tag Class
Interactive DrumKit
Introduction to Direct3D with Code Example
Isometric Maze Game
It is an 8Queens game. Run it, and try to solve it.
Jackpot: Slot Machine Game
Jigsaw Puzzles
Keno Game
Kewl Jewels (Tetris-like Game)
Kyma Pentatonic Windchimes program.
Lights Out Game
Lotto 649 machine
Lotto Program
MasterMind Game
Media Player Application and Module
Media Player Control and Application
Media Player With Many Functions
Minesweeper (Spanish)
Mix your MP3s like a DJ
MP3 Cataloger
MP3 Mixer with ID3 Tag Support.
MP3 Module: Read/Write Tags, Decode Genre
MP3 Player with Load List/Save List Functions
Mp3 Player with WinAmp-Like Interface
Multiemedia Player with Playlist, Tag Editor and Search Option
Multimedia Hang Man Game
Multimedia Matching Game
Multimedia Scrolling Credits Demo
Multimedia Slot Machine Game
Multimedia Tic Tac Toe Game
NBS Catalogue is a movie catalog for digital video
Noughts and Crosses (Tic-Tac-Toe) with Polymorphic AI
Number Train: A Child's Game to Help With Number Skills
Open GL Demo
Pac Man Millenium

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