Multimedia / Games


"Xtreme Player" -- MP3 Player with Skins
3D Maze Maker
3D Mesh Editor
6/49 Lotto Game with Dynamic HTML Simulation
A .NET Drag-n-drop Puzzle
A Barebones 24bit Wave Audio Reader
A beautiful card game.
A Nokia Snake II clone
A Simple Moving Target Shooting Game
Advanced snake game with many features
Advent: Extended Media Player (Audio+Video Multimedia Player)
AI game and Calendar Generator
An Invasion Game
An Old Card Trick in VB
Aseb - Ancient Egyptian board game of Twenty Squares
AVI Player Using API Only
Basic DirectPlay Chat Program
Black Winter 2: Final Assault (Game)
Blackjack with Cards32.dll
Boggler: Generate All Possible Words from a Boggle Grid
BrainVita Game
BreakOut game
Breakout-like Game
Bricks Game
Card Game Objects: Cards, Decks, Hands, Players, BlackJackGame
Card Shuffling Using Class Module
Cards32: DLL for Creating Card Games
CD Player with Irregularly Shaped Interface
Checkers Game
Collection of Simple Games in One Application
Collision Avoidance Line Game
Color Preview and Gradient Creator
Complete Square: computerized version of connect the dots game
Concentration Game (and Illustration of How to Implement Shareware)
Counterstrike Log Parser (and Regular Expresssion Demo)
Cracker Barrel Game
Crazy Ball: An Interactive Game
Create Animation using BitBlt API
Creating a Direct Draw Application (Tutorial)
DealCard handles dealing and shuffling for card games
Destruct Game: Clear Block Combinations to Earn Points
Direct Animation OCX Examples
Direct Sound .WAV Player
Direct X Breakout Game
Direct X Pong Game
Draw 3D Isometric Terrains
Draw Poker User Control
E-,Music: Store and Play Albums
Edit Diablo II Saved Games

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