Multimedia / Games


10 Seconds (Simple Game)
10 Square Tic-Tac-Toe
3D Maze Maker
3D Mesh Editor
3D World with a Snowman
3dStudio Files (3ds) Viewer
6/49 Lotto Game with Dynamic HTML Simulation
A .NET Drag-n-drop Puzzle
A beautiful card game.
A Complete MMORPG Engine - vbGORE v1.0.0
A Lightweight Media Player Without OCX or ActiveX
A Multimedia Player with Status Messages
A New Version of Intergalactic Master Mind
A Nokia Snake II clone
A Simple Moving Target Shooting Game
Addictive Silly Game
Advanced snake game with many features
Advent: Extended Media Player (Audio+Video Multimedia Player)
AI game and Calendar Generator
Alarm Clock
Amazing 3D: A Game Similar to Doom
Amazing3D: A game similar to Doom (DirectX 7 version)
An A.I. Take on TIC-TAC-TOE
An Advanced Blackjack game with cheats
An Invasion Game
An Old Card Trick in VB
Animated Hangman Game
Animation Using OpenGL API Example: Colored Cube
Animation Using OpenGL Example: Adventures of a Marble
Animation Using OpenGL Example: Mechanical Hand
Aseb - Ancient Egyptian board game of Twenty Squares
Atomica Like Game
Audio player with sound volume control etc
AVI Player Using API Only
Basic DirectPlay Chat Program
Beginner's Application: War Card Game
Beginner's Lotto Program
BitBlt Game Programming Tutorial
Black Jack Game
Black Winter 2: Final Assault (Game)
Blackjack with Cards32.dll
Boggler: Generate All Possible Words from a Boggle Grid
BrainVita Game
Brainvita: Board and Marble Game
BreakOut game
Breakout-like Game
Bricks Game
CD Player

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