"Smart" Select Case for Decision-Making
.Net Library To Help Manipulate/Process Text Files
3D Soccer Field
A Barebones 24bit Wave Audio Reader
A Collection of Bitmap Routines
A Firebird 2.0 Data Access Layer With VB.NET
A Module of File System Functions
A Module to Generate Prime Numbers
A Photoshop-style Color Picker
A safe way to open files
A Serial Number Generator and Checker
A Simple HyperLink
A Simple Way To Get DIB Bits in VB.NET.
A String Manipulation Module (S.M.M) v0.1
A String Mathematical Calculator
Access Data Projects Utilities
Access TWAIN Compatible Scanners
Add / Delete Printers (Windows NT/2000)
Add Form Style Properties (e.g., MaxBox, MinBox, Resizable) to Controls
Add Real Win32 tooltips for Windowless Controls (Label, Image, etc)
Add Scroll Bars to Controls Purely Through the API
Add windows XP Visual Style Scheme to your Application at Run Time (Windows XP only)
Adjust Brightness/Contrast Level of Images
ADO.NET Source to read SQL Database
ADOHelper: Performs Common and Complex Database Tasks
Advanced Color Functions with Limited API Usage
All Purpose File/Directory/Drive Exists Module
Allow Database Manipulations on Strings
An Anti Aliased Image Rotation Algorithm
Animated About Form
Apply a Color Palette to a Picture
ArcSine in Degrees or Radians
Atoms Framework: Persistence Layer for Relational Databases (VB.NET)
Auto Detection / Notification of Inserted Media (CD)
Auto Expanding Combo Box
AutoComplete/Auto DropDown Combo Box
Base Conversion
Basic functions for complex numbers
Benchmarking Using Performance Counters
Binary File Compare
Bind a StringArrayList Object to a WinForms DataGrid
Bind Form Values to Class Values in VB.NET
Blend the Images from Two Picture Boxes
Borderless Form Move and Resize
Bouncing Form
Browse System Folders using the Shell Namespace API
Bubble and Shell Sort Demo
Bubbles Effect on a Form
Build Process for .NET in windows Script
Build Your Own CD Player; a module of CD functions.

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