Show Help Using the Common Dialog Control
Simple Bit Manipulation for VB
Simple INI Read/Write Module
Simple Logging Class
Simple Message Box .DLL
Simple Programming Language
Simple Progress Bar for Beginners
Simple Stop Watch Program
Simple Text Editor
Simple Timer Demo to Count Minutes
Simultaneous Multi- Live Cam Image Viewer
Skin Pad: Text Editor with Skins
SoftAuthor Assistant - One Step Program Documentation
Soundex with Optional Accuracy (Revised)
Source Code Editor For All Languages; A Scintilla Wrapper Control
Speech API Demo
Stock Quote .DLL
Stripped Down Windows Explorer Using FileSystemObject
Stripping Nulls in a "Typed" Manner
Swap Data Between Variables of Different Types
System Tray Calendar with Additional Features
SYSTEM32 Folder Locker
Talking Clock
TAPI (Telephony API) Demo
Template for Implementing Cut, Copy, and Paste
Test for a Previous Instance of the Application
Test your Anti-Virus software with an accepted test string.
Test your Typing Speed
Text Editor (Italian)
Text Mass Updater Using VSS Automation
Text To Speech Tutor and Examples
Text Wrap using a Picture Box
THE Solution to the Select Case Enum problem
This will open cdroms on windows computers
Three Different Ways to Pause an Application
Tickcount API used for a stopwatch
Timed Message Box
Timer Demo For Beginners
Tray Application with Menus Example.
Turn WordWrap On or Off in an RTF Text Box
Typing Speed and Efficiency Tester
Ultimate Mind Reading Application
ULTRA File Encrypt
ULTRA v1.0.3 File and Text encryption module
UPC Generator
Upward Scrolling Marquee Demo
Use an Undocumented Immediate Window Function to Evaluate Expressions
Use VB To Print In DOS Mode; Dot Matrix Printing
User Drawn Analog Meters with no OCXs or APIs
User Drawn Menu Class Version 4.1

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