Demo Illustrating How to Make Your Program a Trial Version
Demo of Various Techniques for Beginners
Demo of Various Windows and Form-Related Functions
DeskLock - Keeps Kids from Pressing Keys and Using the Mouse
Desktop Manager
Detect when your Application is Activated or Deactivated
Determine if a current print operation will fit on one page
Determine if the app is running in the IDE
Dial Phone Numbers Using MSComm Control: Demo
Digital Notepad
Display a nice graphical error form when the program catches an error
Display Keyboard States (CapsLock, NumLock, ScrLock)
Display UNICODE Characters Using MS Forms Object Library
Display, Print, and Copy to the Clipboard the Character Set of Any Font
DLX Simulator
DOS Mode Printing from VB
DOS Prompt Emulator
DVD Collection Tracking Application
Easy Social Security Number Validator
Easy To Use and Extendable Script Interpreter
Easy Way to Insert and Center Text on a Picture.
EasyPad: Advanced Word Processor, version 2.0
Eliminate Distinction Between Empty, Null, and Uninitialized Values in determining if a Variable is empty
Email Enabled Scrolling Credit Screens
Encode Plain Text From Form or File
Enforce a Timeout Using the Timer Function
Enhance the Functionality of the Timer Control
Enhanced Printer object with Preview v. 1.60
Enhanced Version of InputBox
EnhPrint OCX for printing MetaFiles in VB
Enumerate All Currently Available Clipboard Formats
Error Handler Add-In Version 1.1
Error Handler Class
Error Handler: Logs Error and System Info to Disk
Error-handling Solution for Enterprise VB applications v 3.1
Event Logger for Win 9x/NT/2000
Export Geometrical Figures to DXF files
Export to TXT, RTF, and PDF from Active Reports
Extended MsgBox functions: Specify Location and Display Time.
Extract Text Contained in Windows Enhanced Metafiles
Fancy UI: Enhanced Form with many Multimedia Features
Fibonacci Member Series, without any recursive funtion
File and Media Organizer
File Comparison Utility
Find a Missing ISBN Number
Find Location of Various Windows System Folders
Flow-Chart: Visual Programming Language
Form Always on Top - No Exceptions
Full Featured Text Editor
Full source code for a program to create software PAD files.

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