Communicate with another instance of the same program. ( PrevInstance Handler )
Communicate With Commercial T7 Credit Card Machine
Complete IM Client
Conspiracy Generator
Control Aligner IDE Add-in
Control Windows using Speech Recognition with MS Agent
Conversions Across Multiple Dimensions of Measurement
Conversions for Multiple Units of Measurement.
Convert ASCII to Character and Character to ASCII
Convert Base 10 Integers to Binary, Octal And Hex
Convert Hex Color Codes to RGB
Convert Indian Rupees Into Words
Convert Letters and Numbers to Morse Code
Convert Nulls to Strings (alternative method)
Convert Numbers Into Their Textual Equivalents
Convert Surname to Soundex Equivalent
Copy Protection Technique Using GetAttr Function
Count elapsed time between two times
Count Lines of Code in any Application or Module
Count Modules, Forms, and Lines of Code in a VB App
Count Number of Times Program Was Launched Using .INI Files
Create & Compile VB Projects Using Notepad and A Batch File
Create a GUID (globally unique identifier)
Create a GUID without using the API
Create a Pop-up Menu on the Max/Min/Close buttons
Create and randomly shuffle contents of an array in one function call
Create and Validate License Keys for your Applications (Version 2.0)
Create Barcodes on the Fly
Create multi language talking math/educational softs in ur iown voice.
Create Shadow Effects using Labels
Create Users and Add Them to Groups
Create your own VB Add-In
Credit Card Validation Routine
Credit Card Validation using LUHN formula
Crystal Report Preview On a Form (Article and Demo)
CueCat Barcode Scanner/Decoder
Custom Print Dialog for RichTextBox Control
Customize Standard Open Dialog w/ File Preview
CVSoft Curriculum Vitae
CWizard Class: Simplifies Wizard Development
D++ Language with Compiler
Data Compression With Zlib
Debug Editor Shortcut Keys (Quick Reference)
Debugger for IDE or EXE
Delay an Application Until a Specified Condition is True
Delay an Application Until a Specified Condition is True II
Delay or Pause execution
Delay or Pause Execution: Enhanced V.2
Delay or Pause Execution: Enhanced.
Delay/Pause an App (no API call)

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