"Smart" Select Case for Decision-Making
A Daily Alarm class
A Fully Featured WinXP-styled LCD Alarm Clock
A Script to Auto Detect and Map Printers
A Serial Number Generator and Checker
A Simple Animated Analog Clock
A Simulator of Operating System Job Scheduling
A small Add-in as IDE enhancer for every day
A VB Version of Cs printf Function Using ParamArray
Add an Image to the Mouse Cursor
Add-In Demo
Add-In Template
Add-In to Assist Creation of CommandButtons in your Add-Ins
All Purpose Utilities Classes
An Object-Based Programming Example
Analog Clock Control
Application Logging Class
Application LogTool - DLL Version 1.2
Asterix - Password Saver with Textbox Grab Feature
Auto Update Your Program For Your Clients
Automate Adobe Acrobat to convert TIFs to PDFs.
Automatic Code Aligner
Automatic Code Indenter Add-In
Backup and Compress Databases Using ZLibTool OCX
Barcode Creator
Basic Word Processor
BCoder: Code Editor for Multiple Languages
Binary File Compare
Binary File To Bitmap Converter
Binary File Viewer with Both Hex and Character Search Facilities
Biorhythm Wave Generator
BitVector Library That Uses Simple Array of Longs
BrainVita Game (5 Lines of Code)
Bulk Un/Register DLLs & OCXs (VB Script)
Business Object Wizard
BWord: Full Featured Text/RTF Editor
Call VC++ .DLL From Visual Basic: Demo
Capture KeyStrokes Within or Outside Your Application
CD-ROM Ejector
Cellular Life Simulator
Center a Message Box over a Form
Change the Text for all Applications in the Taskbar
Change your AIM Buddy Icon
Charting Demo
Cheque Print
Class Builder
Clipboard Viewer/Monitor OCX
Code Library with Auto Add Snippet Feature
Code Printing Add-In

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