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Determine if the app is running in the IDE
Dial Phone Numbers Using MSComm Control: Demo
Display a nice graphical error form when the program catches an error
Display Keyboard States (CapsLock, NumLock, ScrLock)
Display UNICODE Characters Using MS Forms Object Library
Easy Social Security Number Validator
Easy Way to Insert and Center Text on a Picture.
Enforce a Timeout Using the Timer Function
Enhanced Version of InputBox
Find a Missing ISBN Number
Form Always on Top - No Exceptions
Generate an Descriptive Error Phrase from the Err Object
Get The Last Day of a Month
Getting the Currency Symbol in your system Without APIs
Golf StableFord Points Calculator
GUI Template For an Application Updater
IDE Tips
Image Player
Inheritance and Polymorphism in VB: Demo Application
Intercept Alt+F4 keys
Introduction to Data Types and Data Type Conversion (Article)
Introduction to Printer Object For Beginners.
JattPad: Notepad like Application
Key or Password Quality Check
KeyCode Lookup Utility
LCD Display Control
List All Fonts In a Treeview Control
List all Services and Details on a Server (WMI/VBScript)
List All System Errors For a Given Range
Lots of code examples
MouseMove Sample Code (Beginner's Demo)
Multi-Purpose Demo for Beginners
Murachs Visual Basic 6: Sample Chapter
Notepad-like Editor
OLE Automation using Word (Article)
Pause your Application
Pause your Program and let Other Processes Execute w/o API
Persist Objects Using the Property Bag: Demo
Personal Diary Management 1.0
Personal Information Manager
Poem Maker
PopupMenu when you click a label or command
Printer Object - A Primer
Quick and Dirty About Box
Quicker Ways to Set the MousePointer
Read Barcode Scanner Data From A Serial Port
Run Control Panel Programs
Run Windows Explorer in Windows 98/2000
Scrolling Marquee ScreenSaver with Sound
Scrolling Marquee Tool Tips Demo

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