A Game Of Two-Up
A Password Generator With Strength Options
A Simple Desktop System Clock
A Simple HyperLink
A Singleton Function for VB
Accepting a Passed Command Parameter
Add Cross Hairs that Follow your Mouse
Add Decimal Values To a Label With a Slider Control
Adding Templates to Your Projects
Age Calculation
Allows Only One Instance of your App (Alternative Method)
An IsTime() Function for VB
Analog Clock 2
Article: How To Use Resource Files With Demo Project
Basic Text Editor
Basic Word Processor Application
Binary Clock
Book Review: Murachs Visual Basic 6
Calculate Column Totals for a List View Control: Demo
Centered Text Generator for Message Boxes
Change cursor to an HourGlass and forget about it
Change the computer name
Check accuracy of a number using a check digit
Check Digit Verification Utility
Check if Powerpoint is Running
Choose Function Example
Clock Screen Saver
Code Editor Window Shorcut Keys (Quick Reference)
Code Library for Saving Code Snippets
Coding Standards (Article)
Conspiracy Generator
Conversions for Multiple Units of Measurement.
Convert Base 10 Integers to Binary, Octal And Hex
Convert Indian Rupees Into Words
Convert Letters and Numbers to Morse Code
Convert Nulls to Strings (alternative method)
Copy Protection Technique Using GetAttr Function
Count elapsed time between two times
Count Number of Times Program Was Launched Using .INI Files
Create & Compile VB Projects Using Notepad and A Batch File
Create and randomly shuffle contents of an array in one function call
Create Shadow Effects using Labels
CVSoft Curriculum Vitae
Debug Editor Shortcut Keys (Quick Reference)
Delay or Pause execution
Delay or Pause Execution: Enhanced.
Delay/Pause an App (no API call)
Demo of Various Techniques for Beginners
Demo of Various Windows and Form-Related Functions
Determine if a current print operation will fit on one page

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