"Lightweight" Print Preview Dll
A Scientific Calculator in Visual Basic
Activate an App by a Partial Window Title
Add Columns or Continuation Arrows to Menus with Many Items
Angel Viewer: A Scriptable, Power Point-Like Presentation Program
Artificial Neural Network Demo
Auto Click YES when Outlooks Security Guard opens prompt dialog.
Automate Comments in the VB IDE via an Add-In
Base64 Decoder; VB6 Sample App with C++ DLL
Beautiful LCD Clock
Benchmark Your Routine
Binary File Editor
Built-In Tree Help Creation Application
cEdit :Opensource Freeware Code Editor
Change the Default Properties of Controls (Add-In)
Character Recognition Software
Check Writer
Code Template Add-In for Visual Basic Version 2.0
Communicate With Commercial T7 Credit Card Machine
Count Lines of Code in any Application or Module
Create a GUID (globally unique identifier)
Create multi language talking math/educational softs in ur iown voice.
CueCat Barcode Scanner/Decoder
Custom Print Dialog for RichTextBox Control
Customize Standard Open Dialog w/ File Preview
D++ Language with Compiler
Delay an Application Until a Specified Condition is True II
Detect when your Application is Activated or Deactivated
DLX Simulator
Easy To Use and Extendable Script Interpreter
EnhPrint OCX for printing MetaFiles in VB
Enumerate All Currently Available Clipboard Formats
Error-handling Solution for Enterprise VB applications v 3.1
Export Geometrical Figures to DXF files
Fancy UI: Enhanced Form with many Multimedia Features
Flow-Chart: Visual Programming Language
Full-Featured Print Preview Dll
Generate CHM documentation From Source Code (Add-In)
Genetic Algorithm Demo
Get the Number of Waiting Jobs of a specified Printer on your network
Get the reference count on a VB Class object
Graphically Design Message Boxes in the IDE
Icon Menu Control with Support For Menu Drawing similiar to Office XP
Integrate Plug-Ins in Your Applications
Label Creator and Printer (uses Active Reports)
List all DLL and OCX dependencies a process has
Live Weather Map (with Animated GIF and XP Button Controls)
MD5 Message Digest Algorithm for Implementing Digitial Signatures
Microsoft BizTalk Server 2000 Documented: Sample Chapter
Mouse Effects

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