Lists, Collections, and Arrays


Add a Variable (Step) Range to Your ListBox
Add Ascending Numbers To A Listbox With an Inputbox
Add Random Decimal Numbers to a ListBox
An Insertion Sort Algorithm
Bubble Sort For Numeric Data
Calculate the Average of Items in a Numeric Array (generic function)
Check to See if an Item with a Specific Key is in a Collection
Convert 1D Arrays to 2D Arrays and Back
Convert two lists (array or collection) into one Dictionary Object
Copy an Array
Determine if a list (array or collection) contains unique values
Determine if a Value Exists in an Array without Looping
Determine if a Value/Object Exists in an ANY KIND MULTIDIMENSIONAL ARRAY.
Determine if An Array is Initialized
Dynamically Redim Array Using Variables
Filter Array Value(s) With The Array Function
Finding an Element in an Array
Generate an Array of Unique Random Numbers
Get Unique Values from An Array
Insert an Element Into an Array without Looping
Insert an Element Into an Array without Looping 2
Insertion Sort for a Numeric Array
Linked List implementation in Visual Basic
Load Sequential File to Array and Loop through it Forwards and Backwards
Merge Sort and Bubble Sort For String Data
Merge Two Arrays
Random Array Generator
Randomize Your Array Elements
Randomly Shuffle the Contents of an Array
Read All Lines from a Text File into a String Array
Remove an Item from an Array
Select List Items With a TextBox Entry
Shuffle Array Elements Randomly
Simple Function To Sort Standard Collections
Simple Sorting Routine For a Collection of Strings
Simplified Array Sorting
Sort a Two-Dimensional Array on Any Element
Sort Objects in a Collection by Specified Property
Store Command Line Arguments in An Array
Swap Elements in an Array
Two-Dimensional Array Demo for Beginners
Unique Random Numbers in an Array
Updated: Insert an Element Into an Array without Looping
Use Typename And Tooltips to Show Datatypes in Your Controls
Using a 3 Dimensional Array