Lists, Collections, and Arrays


A To-Do Task Manager with Drag and Drop Capabilities
Binary Tree Class
Binclass: a simple array structure for collecting numeric data.
Bubble and Shell Sort Demo
Bubble Sort For Numeric Data
Collection Class Derived From VB's Collection Object
Convert two lists (array or collection) into one Dictionary Object
Create Random Sudoku Puzzles
Dictionary/Tree Class: Stores Data in a Tree-Like Structure
Dynamic Integer Array Class
Enhancment of the VB Collection Object
FIFO/LIFO Stacks in VB
Finding an Element in an Array
Generate an Array of Unique Random Numbers
Generic Extended Collection with Sorting Methods
Get Unique Values from An Array
Hive - Alternative to Collection and Dictionary
Implement MovePrevious and MoveNext in Array, Collection, or Dictionary
Insertion Sort for a Numeric Array
Linear Data Structures: Stack, Queue, and Ordered List
Linked List implementation in Visual Basic
Manipulating Data Using Collections and Classes
Merge Sort and Bubble Sort For String Data
Merge Two Arrays
Non-Repeating Random Numbers or Data using Arrays
Queue Data Structure Class
Random Object/Data Generator
Randomize Your Array Elements
Randomly Shuffle the Contents of an Array
Search and Delete Elements from Arrays
Simple Sorting Routine For a Collection of Strings
Sort a Two-Dimensional Array on Any Element
Sort Module For Strings and Numbers
Sort Objects in a Collection by Specified Property
Stack Class
Stack Data Structure Class
String Sort Routines: Quick, Merge, Selection, and Insert Sort
Unique Random Numbers in an Array
Using a 3 Dimensional Array
Vector (Collection Enhancement) Class