"Finicky": Paint Program
"Smart" Select Case for Decision-Making
"Xtreme Player" -- MP3 Player with Skins
.INI File Reader and Writer
.NET Config File Wrapper
.Net Library To Help Manipulate/Process Text Files
.NET TextData Provider Demo
1-click Customization of Controls
1-click Customization of Controls v2
2D Tileset Creator (VB.NET)
3D Label Control
3D Line control with 13 styles
3D Maze Maker
3D Mesh Collision Detection
3D Mesh Editor
3D Sample Applications
3D Soccer Field
6/49 Lotto Game with Dynamic HTML Simulation
A .NET Class to Calculate Circles
A .NET Drag-n-drop Puzzle
A .NET-based DirectX Sound Capture and Recording Application
A 3D demo w/o DirectX or OpenGL
A Barebones 24bit Wave Audio Reader
A Base64 / MIME Encoding and Decoding Class.
A Basic Database Interaction Sample
A beautiful card game.
A C# Overloaded Method to Calculate an MD5 Hash
A C# RSS Feed Retriever Sample
A Calendar Example Similar to Windows Date and Time properties
A Class For Searching Datagrids
A Class for System, Logical Drivers, Memory, Display Drivers, etc.
A class to Preserve message boundaries using TCP and the VB Winsock Control
A Collection of Bitmap Routines
A Colorpicker that uses WebSafe Colors.
A Custom Command Line Interpreter
A Daily Alarm class
A DB-less Personal Expense Management System
A demo on how to build a CoolBar
A demonstration of the Circle draw method in VB6
A fast method for appending strings
A Fast Syntax Highlighting Control
A Feature Rich Custom Combobox
A Firebird 2.0 Data Access Layer With VB.NET
A Fully Featured WinXP-styled LCD Alarm Clock
A Function That Computes the Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors For a Real Symmetric Matrix
A Line Object Class
A Mass File Renaming Project with Shell Integration
A Modified HTML Editor
A Module of File System Functions
A Module to Generate Prime Numbers

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