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Social Networking for Microsoft CRM Suite
Social networking is an important aspect of many people lives, both on a personal and business level. Microsoft this week announced that they will provide social networking functionality for its Dynamics CRM Suite of customer relationship management software.

How Does Microsoft Do Single Sign-On (SSO)?
Federation services are often used as part of an identify infrastructure, as they allow the use of Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality for cloud-based services. Microsoft's own internal production federation services are an excellent example of how a large corporation handles SSO.

Without Azure, Facebook App Development "Like a House Built on a Swamp"
Microsoft's Nathan Totten has an opinion about Facebook development--in fact, he has a pretty strong opinion, stating that "Developing with Facebook is like building a house on a swamp." For Facebook developers who are having problems with the limitations of the Facebook SDK, Windows Azure can simplify the process.

Microsoft Kinect-Ready Build-A-Bear Teddies Hit the Market
Microsoft release its Kinect SDK earlier this year, and the Build-A-Bear store this week announced that they have released a Kinect-ready children's Build-A-Bear called Kinectimals Now With Bears that includes an Xbox 360 Kinect game.

Get Ready for Release of Windows Phone 7 'Mango'
This week, Microsoft announced that it will be releasing the Windows Phone 7 update known as Mango to customers within the next two weeks. The update includes dozens of new features, including a new Start screen and an updated People Hub which brings all of a user's social networks into one interface.

Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 4 Beta Released This Week
This week Microsoft released the latest beta of its Robotics Developer Studio 4 (RDS4) to developers. The RDS4 enables developers to create apps which control robots through the use of a Windows PC and a Xbox Kinect sensor.

So Far Developers Are Satisfied With Microsoft Windows 8
Developers have eagerly taken in the recent announcements from Microsoft regarding its upcoming Windows 8 operating system. Thus far, we know that Windows 8 will include a Metro-based tablet interface, and a traditional desktop interface for laptop and desktop computers.

Surround Technologies Courting IBM i Users and .NET Closer Together
Surround Technologies is now working with IBM i shop developers so that they are able to utilize Microsoft .NET web development technologies. The focus of Surround Technologies is the user experience and web service integration layers, as evidenced by its Accelerator for .NET software.

Windows Phone 7 Game Olympics 2011 Held in Philippines
This month Microsoft held the Windows Phone 7 Game Olympics 2011, an event that actively engaged developers in the Mobile Developers Group of the Philippines to create exciting mobile games using the XNA Game Studio 4.0.

How To: Windows Developer Preview Running Windows Azure Tools and SDK
Many developers have taken advantage of the recent release of Windows Developer Preview of Windows 8, and are now starting to create applications for the new OS. To get started, developers will want to install the Windows Azure Tools on the Windows 8 PC, including the Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows 8.