Forms and Controls


A Basic Calculator Application
A Binary Search Algorithm
A Custom Command Line Interpreter
a Sample method to set any Listitem of a listview with any color
A Simple Help File in VB6
Add a 3D Effect to Forms, Textboxes, and Labels
Add a 3D, Office-2000 Like Effect to a Form or Control
Add a Gradient Background to a TreeView Control
Add a Horizontal Scroll Bar to A List Box
Add an Item DoubleClick Event to the ListView Control
Add Colors With The ColorPicker Control (w/o Commondialog)
Add Columns and Titles Effortlessly to a ListView Control
Add Columns to a List Box by Setting Tab Stops
Add Columns to a Text Box by Setting Tab Stops
Align Flexgrid Cells after Adding a Row or Column
Align Text on a Command Button
An Easy ProgressBar
An Simple Stopwatch Form
Animated Form Unload
Append Keyboard Input to List Box Items
Arrays To Columns in Text Box
Auto Selection In List Box
Auto Size a Combo Box's Drop Down Width
Auto-Complete Combo Box that Prevents User from Selecting Items Not in List
Autocomplete for an Editable Combobox
AutoComplete for ComboBox In Which Only Existing Items are Allowed
Automatically drops down the list portion of a ComboBox when it receives the focus
Automatically Select a TreeView's Node When the Mouse is Over it
Automatically Select all Text in an Edit Control when it Receives the Focus
Automatically Select ListBox Item when the Mouse is Over It
AutoSize a ListBox Based on its Height
AutoSize ListView Column Headers
Blank and Lock/Unlock Form Input Controls
Cascading Effect for a Command Button
Cascading Windows With a Click Event
Cell-to-Cell Navigation of Grid Controls with Tab Key Demo
Center a Form on the Screen Accounting for Taskbars
Center a form on the screen.
Center a set of controls horizontally on a form.
Center Your Form When it Loads
Change Back and Fore Color of Progress Bar
Change the colors and fonts of the form and its controls to the windows default values.
Changing Colors of a Textbox Without The Common Dialogue Control
Check If A Given Printer is Online With .NET
Check If Your Application is Running in an IDE or as an Exe
Clear all Edit Controls on a Form
Clear All Textbox Controls Without a Control Array
Clear all Textboxes on a Form
Clearing TextBox Controls in One Sweep
Collapse TreeView Node All the Way Down

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