Forms and Controls


Add Form Style Properties (e.g., MaxBox, MinBox, Resizable) to Controls
Animated About Form
Auto Expanding Combo Box
AutoComplete/Auto DropDown Combo Box
Borderless Form Move and Resize
Change Windowstyle and WindowState At Run Time
Combo Box Auto Expand
Control Array Demo for Beginners
Control Resuize with Anchors
Convert Numeric Currency into Text
Create a Dynamic, Custom Toolbar
Create a Form with a Transparent Shade
Create a Vertical Label Control
Create an Elliptic-Shaped Form
Customized Menus with No APIs
Different Types of Option Buttons
Disallow Empty Fields for All TextBoxes on a Form
Display Line Numbers for a Rich Text Box Control
Displays Multiline Tooltips for your controls
Drag Items from One List Box to Another
Drag Mutliple List Items Between List Boxes: Demo
Drag/Drop Demo
Draggable Splitter Bar
Easy Splitter Bar
Edit Any Collection in an MS Flex Grid
Edit Data in a Read Only Grid (MSFlexGrid)
Encapsulated Select Box Code
EZ Print Preview
Find and Replace Text in a Rich Text Box
Font List and Combo Box
Form Effects: Transparency and Shapes
Form Template with Splitter Bars to Divide Form into 4 Panes
GUI example
Horizontal and Vertical Scrolling Form Example
Implement a Progress Bar Common Control Without a OCX
Input Validation Module
Internet Explorer-Like Treeview
IP Address Inputbox and Validator
List control helper (.bas module)
ListBox Demo and Enhancement
ListView Column Sorting (Advanced)
MDI form With Splitter Bars
Move and Resize Controls at Runtime Like the VB IDE.
New Skin for Your Forms
Place a Windows-Like Task Bars on MDIForms
Populate a List Control From a Text File
Print Form with Margins
Progress Bar - Custom Graphics from APIs
Progress Bar based on Shape Controls
Return Hexadecimal, RGB, or Long Value From the Color Common Dialog

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