Forms and Controls


3D Label Control
3D Label Control Part 2
3D Line control with 13 styles
A Fast Syntax Highlighting Control
A Progress Bar Control With Three Different Looks.
A Simple Windowless User Control to Drag Forms
ActiveX Control to Set Maximum and Minimum size of a Form.
Add Menu To SysMenu
Advanced Progress Bar Control
Advanced Progress Pie and Bar
Advanced TrackBar /Slider Control With MAC Style Graphics
Advanced VB Based Toolbar Control
Allow the user to Dock, Resize,,Move, and Toggle Their Visibility
Animated Gif Control
AOL Style Command Button
Auto Complete ComboBox Version 1.2
AutoComplete Text Box Version 1.01
Black Controls for use on Black Forms
Center an Image in a Picture Box
centre a control on a maximised form
Circular Progress Bar Control
Client-Side Image map for VB
Command Button with MouseOverColor property
Create Auto-hide Toolbars or Forms
Create Edit Boxes Through API Calls only
Create MDIChild Forms with an ActiveX-DLL Version 1.06
Create MDIChild Forms with an ActiveX-DLL Version 1.07
Create Skinned Forms With Custom Graphics.
Custom Animated GIF Image Control
Custom Button Control
Custom List Control with Search Facility
Custom Menu Controls
Customizable Progress Bar
Digital LCD-like Counter Control
Digital Readout OCX w/ Different Formats
Display text with various 3D effects
Dockable, Sizable, and Moveable Container Control
Draglist: A Listbox that lets Users Drag Items from One Position to Another
Drop-Down Calculator Control Version 1.2
Dual List Box Control w/ Full Drag Drop Functionality
Dynamic Instantiation of User Controls: Demo
Editable Grid Control With Support for Combo Boxes and Check Boxes Version 2.0
Enhanced Check Box/Option Button Controls
Enhanced CommandButton with Many Extra Features
Enhanced Flex Grid Control
Enhanced Masked Edit Control
Enhanced Scrollbar Control
Enhanced Text Box Control
Enhanced VB Menu replacement
Export or Print Text from a List View Control

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