Forms and Controls


A .NET Class to Calculate Circles
A Class For Searching Datagrids
A class to resize the controls on the form as the form resizes
A Feature Rich Custom Combobox
A Tooltip Customization Class
Add Multiline Balloon Tooltips to ListView column Headers
Advanced Form Shaper DLL
Automatically Adding/Hide Horizontal Scroll bar in the ListBox control
Automatically Reposition or Resize Controls Upon Form Resize
Automatically Resize Controls in a Form/Container Similar to .Net Docking
Automatically Scroll Down/Add Horizontal Scroll Bar to List Box
Benchmarking and StopWatch class
Change the colors of the Windows ProgressBar
Class for Creating Shaped Forms (v 1.1)
Class to sort MSFlexGrid
Classes to Resize/Reposition Controls when Form is Resized
Control Resizer Class
cTreeView: Wrapper to Enhance TreeView Control v 2.3
Custom ToolTips Dll (Version 2.0)
Display or Close Forms with Two Cool Effects
Display Progress Indicator on Top of Modal Forms
Dock Forms to the Edge of the Desktop
Duplicate Common Controls From Remote Processes
Dynamic MessageBox Class
Enhance the functionality of List Boxes and Combo Boxes
Form Controls Manipulation
Resize Class
Resize Class 2
Resize Controls Proportionally when a Form is Resized
SmartForm class -- routines for aligning and positioning controls
Subclassed Common Dialog used to Preview Winamp Playlist before Opening It.
Suppress Default Popup Menu for Text Boxes
Tranluscent Windows OCX
Window Blinds Toolbar (Full Implementation)