Forms and Controls

3D Label Control
3D Label Control Part 2
3D Line control with 13 styles
A .NET Class to Calculate Circles
A Basic Calculator Application
A Binary Search Algorithm
A Class For Searching Datagrids
A class to resize the controls on the form as the form resizes
A Custom Command Line Interpreter
A demo on how to build a CoolBar
A Fast Syntax Highlighting Control
A Feature Rich Custom Combobox
A Progress Bar Control With Three Different Looks.
A Sample FlexGrid Database Connection
A Sample FlexGrid-based Sales Bill Application
a Sample method to set any Listitem of a listview with any color
A Simple Device Controller Framework
A Simple Help File in VB6
A Simple VB Stopwatch
A Simple Windowless User Control to Drag Forms
A Source Code Library Manager with Samples
A Tooltip Customization Class
A VB.NET Calculator
A Web Service Example For Newbies
ActiveX Control to Set Maximum and Minimum size of a Form.
Add a 3D Effect to Forms, Textboxes, and Labels
Add a 3D, Office-2000 Like Effect to a Form or Control
Add a Gradient Background to a TreeView Control
Add a Horizontal Scroll Bar to A List Box
Add an Item DoubleClick Event to the ListView Control
Add Bookmarks to Text in an RTF Control
Add Colors With The ColorPicker Control (w/o Commondialog)
Add Columns and Titles Effortlessly to a ListView Control
Add Columns to a List Box by Setting Tab Stops
Add Columns to a Text Box by Setting Tab Stops
Add Form Style Properties (e.g., MaxBox, MinBox, Resizable) to Controls
Add Menu To SysMenu
Add Multiline Balloon Tooltips to ListView column Headers
Advanced Form Shaper DLL
Advanced HTML Interface Application
Advanced Progress Bar Control
Advanced Progress Pie and Bar
Advanced TrackBar /Slider Control With MAC Style Graphics
Advanced VB Based Toolbar Control
Align Flexgrid Cells after Adding a Row or Column
Align Text on a Command Button
Allow the user to Dock, Resize,,Move, and Toggle Their Visibility
An Easy ProgressBar
An Simple Stopwatch Form
Animated About Form

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