Files and Directories

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Get a Relative Path
Get a Short (8.3) File Name from a Standard File Name
Get a Unique Temporary File Name
Get all Files a Folder and its SubFolders using Wildcards
Get All Files From A Path Root Without The FSO
Get All Folder Names In A Computer
Get The Page Count of a PDF File
Iterate through Nested Directories Using Windows Scripting Host
Join any Number of Files into One File
Join two files together
List all Directories
List All Files in a Folder Using the FileSystemObject
Load a File to a Text Box/Write Text Box's Contents To a File
Load a List box with Lines from a File
Move a File (or files) to the Recycle Bin
Obtain the Owner of a File on Windows NT/2000
Open a File with its Associated Application
Open Files in VB.NET 2008
Open The Dialogue for Folder Browsing
Permanently Delete A File
Point to a File in your Applications Directory
Read a File Line by Line - and More.
Read a Specified Line From a Text File
Read And Write From INI File Demo
Read Text Files Into a Recordset
Read Text From a File
Read Text From a File Using the File System Object
Recently Used File List - Simplofied
Recurse through a Directory structure
Recursive File Search
Recursively Change File Attributes in a Given Directory
Recursively Delete Empty Folders
Recursively Search Folders by Name
Retrieve Filename without Path or Extension
Retrieve ONLY the requested part of a File Name
Retrieve Path Info for/Description of Shortcut Targets
Return a Directory Name only From a File Name
Return a file name only, given the file's full path (All VB Versions)
Return a file name only, given the file's full path (VB 6 and up)
Return a Full Path Given SubFolder or SubFolder/Filename Only
Return an Alternative FileName if a Given File Exists
Return the DOS (8.3) File Name for a File
Save Text to a File
Save Text to a File Using the File System Object
Search a file in PATH environment variable
Search Text Files
Self-Modifying VBScript
Show File Properties Dialog for a Specified File
Simple Code to Check If a File Exists in .NET
Simple Way to Rename a File or Folder

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