Files and Directories

.INI File Reader and Writer
.Net Library To Help Manipulate/Process Text Files
A Better App.Path
A Dbase IV Module with an Export Function
A Function To Determine Whether A File Exists
A Mass File Renaming Project with Shell Integration
A Module of File System Functions
A Quick Way to Extract Filenames From a Path
A safe way to open files
A Simple to Use PDF Parser
Advanced File System API Function Encapsulator Version 3.3
All Purpose File/Directory/Drive Exists Module
Another way to check if a file exists
Archiving Program
Backup tool for ms-access
Base64 Encode and Decode Files
Binary Put/Get for Strings (with Unicode)
Browse System Folders using the Shell Namespace API
Browse the File System and Display File, Folder, and Drive Properties
Build Reports About Files on Drives
Building Randomly Generated Test Files
By this code you can open your file (eg: example.myfile)
Change a File's Last Modified Date Stamp
Change the Archive and Read-Only Attributes of a File
Change the Extension of Files in a Specified Folder
Check Access Rights to File/Directory on NTFS Volume
Check For A File's Existense
Clean Data From a Floppy Disk so it Cannot Be Retrieved
Cleans all of the Blank Records from a Random File
Combine Files
Compare File Versions
Compare Two Files
Compare Two Files to Determine if They are Identical
Contact Manager Using Random Access Files
Convert Short (8.3) File Names to Long File Names
Copy Files Using the Shell API
Copy Files Using the Win32 API
Copy multiple files using ListBoxes
Correctly calculates a File size from a WIN32_FIND_DATA structure
Count Files and Folders Using the FileSystem Object
Count Lines of Code and Search for a String in a VB Project
Create a Folder Using API Call to Check for Path Validity
Create A New or Open an Existing Excel File Every Month
Create and Open Text Files: Demo App
Create or Manipulate INI Files Easily
Create Path Recursively as Needed (w/o APIs)
Create Shortcuts Anywhere Using Setup Toolkit functions
Create Shortcuts for Files and Applications with Parameters
Create/Recover File Backups (Class Module)
Creates a relative path from one file or folder to another.

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