Dates and Math

Scientific Calculator for Large Numbers
Scientific Calculator; a VB6 Math Sample
Seemlessly convert between Hex, Dec and Binary formats
Set Operations, Psi Function and Hash Tables
Show current date & system time with milliseconds
Simple Application Adopted by a Fortune 500 corporation.
Simple Calculator
Simple Calculator with Classes
Simple Expression Parser
Simple Math Skills Game
Simple math tool to practice add, subtract, multiply, and divide
Simple Math, Flash Cards
Small App for Changing File Modified Dates
Solve any Single Variable Equation
Solve Basic Mathematical Equations in Strings
Solve Linear Systems Equations n*n
Solve Pythagorum Theorum Equations
Solve Quadratic Equations
Solve Quadratic Equations in One Variable
Solve Simultaneous Equations of Three Variables
Solve Thermodynamic Equations Using Numerical Methods
Sophisticated Equation Processor
Temperature Converter That Includes Kelvins
Textile Related Calculator for Cloth Selling Rates
Trigonometrical Functions Graphing Application
Truth Table Generator For Boolean Expressions
Two Century Calendar in Indonesian Language
Unsigned Arithmetic in Visual Basic
Use Math And Coordinates To Draw And Move An Accordion
Various Mathematical Functions
VAT Calculator
Velocity Conversion Module
Versatile Math Functions
VSOP87 Functions used to Compute Planetary Positions (1.15 MB)
WNCalendar: International Calendar Control v. 1.2
Y2K self-test program

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